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so what if you're single again 2012So what if you’re single again?

One tough thing broken hearted people often face is the added social pressure of living in a couple’s world and the prejudice given to single people, whether the society admits it or not. People may not be aware how great this pressure is, and friends may often play kind and merely trying to help, but suggestions of dating at once, and dating whomever it is who is available, whether you like him or not, just so that you won’t be single again, is simply like adding a painful insult to one’s injury. But how shall you react on these? They are merely trying to help, after all, atleast, to the best of their awareness.

During these difficult times, you can stand up and remind yourself that you need to separate your appreciation of their concern and their misjudgment of what can make you happy. So what if you’re single again? Make a list of the things that only single people can do and enjoy. Let them call it “sweet lemon” or whatever. What matters is being able to lift yourself up in this difficult time.

12 Advantages of Being Single Again

1. You can go out with the girls anytime you want, with no one tailing behind you or telling you what time you should be home.

2. You can enjoy shopping as much as you want, without a goofy guy being bored to death and convincing you to buy items you do not want just so you’d go home and finish your stuff.

3. You can watch tv all night without anyone meddling with the remote.

4. You can enjoy your ice cream and be free from your diet for once!

5. You can take that martial arts lesson without anyone being insecure of you being more able to defend yourself!

6. You can have real peace, no arguments!

7. You can finally speak to mature people with your mental and emotional age.

8. You don’t have to act dumb.

9. You can wear that sexy dress and freely flaunt your beauty!

10. You can enjoy your parents’ company again.

11. You can enjoy your teddy bear.

12. You can enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future and raising a family.

There is always something to be thankful about, and for now, you can enjoy the moment and tell everyone, “so what if I’m single again!”

The above article “So What If You’re Single Again?” was written by Jocelyn Soriano for www.itakeoffthemask.com

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