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Since I left my day job, I felt less and less sleepy, like I didn’t need so much sleep anymore. Sleep used to be an escape, and it came as a very welcome friend. But now that I didn’t have something to escape from, I found it hard to fall asleep.

I felt like I wanted to do so many things, and I wanted to do them NOW! Suddenly, the word TOMORROW became rather distant and unfamiliar. I don’t have company-set deadlines anymore. I don’t need to wait for weekends anymore just so that I could have a break.

I don’t know if this is a sense of TIME being suspended, but everything has suddenly fallen into the PRESENT moment. What would I like to do NOW? This is the question that often came to mind.

Rare is it that the answer to that question would be that I wanted to fall asleep. Out of so many things that could be done, why fall asleep?

Maybe it just takes a certain amount of discipline, or maybe the excitement of my new-found freedom has yet to subside. Whatever it may be, I know I have got to adapt to these awesome changes that’s been happening in my life 😉

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