Life is too short not to love the people given us.

We may busy ourselves doing many kinds of work.  We may acquire possessions.  We may achieve much pleasure.  But if we fail to love the people given us, we live a meaningless life.  We are only here for a short while.  And it is far too short not to LOVE.

All The World is Meaningless Without Love

The radiant sun is nothing
but a big ball of fire
that hovers above us.
If not for love,
what could the sunrise mean?
What could everything mean at all?

Even the brightest of stars grow pale,
Even the moon loses its mystery,
Nothing hides beneath the seas,
and no mountain is ever worth climbing for.

And yet with love,
even a candy wrapper
can be put in a special golden box,
even a torn ticket
can be held with the highest regard.

It is because you walked these streets,
that I come back here again and again;
It is because you sat in this chair,
that I sit as though
this is the most beautiful chair in all the world.

I touch this pen,
and I feel your fingers,
I hear a song,
and tears flow down my eyes.

Everything comes to life
because you have touched them,
but all the world is meaningless
without love.

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