Quote About Doubt and Indecision


quote on doubt and indecision“Every man hath the right to doubt his task, and to forsake it from time to time; but what he must not do is forget it. Whoever doubteth not himself is unworthy – for in his unquestioning belief in his ability, he commiteth the sin of pride. Blessed are they who go through moments of indecision.” – Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain

2 comments on “Quote About Doubt and Indecision

  1. Especially love this: “Blessed are they who go through moments of indecision.”

    Actually, synchronistically linked with my previous post, “Sometimes I wish…” and the response I just posted for your comment 😉

  2. I’ve been reading this quote several times because I want it to sink deeply. The road isn’t always clear and for sure, there’ll be moments of doubt if we’re still seeking the right path… I’m sure the Lord will always be there to guide us back in…

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