Quotes on Surviving Depression


quotes on surviving depressionQuotes on Surviving Depression

I have carefully noted some of the most touching quotes from the book SURVIVING DEPRESSION by Kathryn Hermes. (The book was written out of her personal experience in battling depression for almost two decades in her life.)

Quotes from the Book

“During those first weeks after the stroke, I clearly remember thinking: God has given me this stroke and I will accept it with graciousness. This is the will of God and God certainly has some reason for it. And I accepted it with peace… or so I thought. It took six years for me to realize how angry I was – angry at God, angry at everyone around me, angry at the world.”

“Generally healing will be gradual. It is rarely dramatic. Frequently it comes under the simple gesture of one person reaching out to another. In unexpected places, and through unsuspecting people, God comes into our lives.”

“God knows you just as you are, with your history, your fears, your needs and tears that perhaps never seem to stop falling. God loves you just as you are.”

“The little miracles that God brings about in our life include such basic things as the strength to get out of bed in the morning.”

“God is the Friend who wants to meet you with a gift. God doesn’t need to see in you a perfectly balanced personality before considering you worthy of his gifts.”

“God is the one who loves you most, with your garbage, limitations, and problems, as well as the beauty that you may not be able to see at this time.”

“Even if you are angry with God, even if you believe God has ‘given you’ this illness or these problems, still stake your life on God…. Stake your life on the only One who can make you whole.”

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3 comments on “Quotes on Surviving Depression

  1. Nina says:

    dear joyce, i’m having a depression, a great one, since a few months ago. i’ve quit my job because at certain point i felt like i’ve being force to do something that i don’t like..i’m struggling to find a new job and until now i didn’t manage to get a new job. i’ve bills to pay, and this situation really make me fell down..dear joyce, i do pray to God and i want to believe that He’ll provide me something better in the future but now i feel like i can’t handle this situation anymore. please pray for me dear joyce. thank you

    • Joyce says:

      I will pray for you, Nina. Trust in God. He will make a way when there seems to be no way! You can also ask the support of family and friends. Many times, they are God’s representatives here on earth. God bless you!

  2. Vincent says:

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