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ways to earn extra money

101 Ways to Earn Extra Money

Want to earn Extra Money? See this 101 ways to earn extra money and augment your current income.

  1. Make money online. Start a blog and register at google adsense. You can also promote products via amazon or other affiliates like clickbank.

  2. Write your own e-book and sell it too! It’s as easy as uploading a PDF copy of your file at LULU.COM. All you have to do next is to wait for your extra money coming in. No printing cost or long waiting time for your printed copies to be disposed!

  3. Dig up your antique items at home and sell it at auctions, flea markets or at e-bay.

  4. Learn website design and get paid for designing your friends’ personalized websites. You can also go freelance and expand your market worldwide. Easily learn website design in a matter of months by enrolling at IT schools or learning via correspondence in your own preferred time at PENNFOSTER.COM.

  5. Master SEO (search engine optimization) and be an expert in giving advice on how websites could rank better at google.

  6. Enjoy playing computer games. What? How could you earn extra money by playing and having fun? – No kidding. Various on-line role playing games have their own systems of wealth that can translate to real cold cash. Rare items in virtual worlds are sometimes bought in cash via arrangement between players.

  7. Sharpen your writing skills and get paid by blogging for others or by writing reviews for other websites.

  8. Study some more and write not only e-books but literary masterpieces and bestsellers. Be amongst the ranks of Tolkien and J.K. Rowling!

  9. Be a celebrity blogger and get invited for motivational and personal development talks and seminars. Yes of course, you get paid for it! Unless you feel so altruistic and decided to do it for free.

  10. Be a lifecoach, someone people consult with and ask for guidance in helping them reach their life goals or change their bad habits. You don’t even have to be a psychologist! Schedule your sessions and get paid by the hour.

  11. If you’re well versed with accounting, economics or finance, you can be an advisor in that area and get paid for your expertise.

  12. You can work online and earn money from home.  Check out these FREELANCE Websites.

  13. Start an on-line English teaching job and get to work from the comforts of your own home.

  14. If you enjoy photography, grab that camera and take poster-perfect pictures you can sell as postcard designs, calendar backgrounds or stock photos at the internet. See STOCKXPERT.COM

  15. For the naturally gifted and artistically inclined, make a charcoal painting of your friends and enjoy your extra money.

  16. Teach guitar lessons to kids in your spare time.

  17. Teach piano lessons.

  18. Teach voice lessons.

  19. Enroll in personal and career development schools and teach what you’ve learned part time.

  20. Teach Japanese, Spanish or French.

  21. Be a nanny.

  22. Rent a spare rooom in your house.

  23. Do a garage sale of your old clothes.

  24. Be an Avon Lady.

  25. Sell insurance.

  26. Sell real estate and earn extra money from your commissions.

  27. Be a dance instructor.

  28. Bake cookies and sell them as gift items.

  29. Start a small food-catering business.

  30. Be a wedding planner.

  31. Design wedding souvenir items.

  32. Start a day-care for children left by working parents.

  33. Write lovely poems and send to greeting card companies like BLUE MOUNTAIN ARTS.

  34. Plant some flowers and sell them.

  35. Teach swimming lessons.

  36. Join song-writing competitions.

  37. Join scriptwriting contests.

  38. Do modelling stints.

  39. Sell some made-to-order cakes and pastries.

  40. Sew some baby clothes and sell them.

  41. Write some children’s stories and submit to publishers.

  42. Buy some piglets, let them gain weight and then sell them!

  43. Buy some chickens then sell their eggs.

  44. Rent your van.

  45. Rent your sports equipment.

  46. Start a cooperative’s store.

  47. Accept plumbing jobs from neighbors.

  48. Sell old newspapers and magazines to recycling hubs.

  49. Do stand-up comedy on weekends.

  50. Be a clown at children’s parties.

  51. Start a food-cart business and sell hotdogs, waffles, donuts and the like.

  52. Rent Halloween costumes.

  53. Do Santa

  54. Connect some cute beads and turn them into pretty bracelets, necklaces or anklets you could sell.

  55. Sell some jewelry.

  56. Walk some dogs.

  57. Design personalized mugs.

  58. Sell personalized T-shirts.

  59. Make cute stuff toys.

  60. Embroider pillow cases.

  61. Do tutorial jobs.

  62. Do carpentry work.

  63. Teach self-defense

  64. Do home massage.

  65. Teach yoga.

  66. Sell home-made chocolates for Valentines or Christmas.

  67. Sell home-made muffins.

  68. Do magic shows.

  69. Be an events organizer.

  70. Join TV game shows.

  71. Learn computer trouble shooting and repairs.

  72. Be a tourist guide.

  73. Make knitted shirts, sweaters, or scarves.

  74. Be a disc jockey at night.

  75. Make special candles.

  76. Make home-made beauty soaps.

  77. Open a junk shop.

  78. Open a small internet cafe.

  79. Rent your home to a movie location shoot.

  80. Place a bet with a friend that you can lose so and so pounds in two weeks. You’ll save on food and earn extra money!

  81. Open a car wash.

  82. Make a brilliant invention, then have it patented and sold, haha!

  83. Sell a high-traffic website.

  84. Buy a lottery ticket and pray hard to win.

  85. Refer friends to credit card companies and earn commissions.

  86. Sue an evil creepy old villain and win the case!

  87. Trace your family tree and claim a possible inheritance.

  88. Find rich business partners to finance your bright business ideas.

  89. Pray for inspiration.

  90. Be a street performer.

  91. Find a mentor.

  92. Seek help from friends.

  93. Read books on getting rich, write another one, then sell it.

  94. Give and ye shall receive!

  95. Believe and it shall be given you!

  96. Read www.itakeoffthemask.com to improve your relationships, your money and your total happiness.

  97. Ask your boss to retire early and be the administrator of his funds.

  98. Get promoted.

  99. Just find a higher paying job.

  100. Sell jokes at Readers Digest.

  101. Follow a treasure map. Hopefully, it will not only lead you to extra money but to such a kind of life and happiness you’ve been searching for all along. 🙂

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