We often live as though we are taking permanent residency where we are rather than as though we are on a journey and enjoying the road before us.

Come to think of it, how many retirement plans been brought before our table? How many insurance plans have been purchased as though we can insure everything we encounter in this life?

Think about it again. Is retirement the real goal of life? Is it your goal?

Now there is nothing wrong with retirement, as there is nothing wrong with planning one’s journey. And if retirement can teach us one thing, it’s that our life here is bound by time, that it will end somehow and that we have to make full use of the time that we have.

In your current undertakings, are you making full use of your time? Are you always putting off for tomorrow what you can enjoy and savor today? Are you fooling yourself that you are trying to build something permanent?

Nothing is permanent in this life. Life is a journey, a temporary abode where we have to do all that we can do given our limited time.

Enjoy each day given you, savor each moment that you have with your loved ones, take the trip you’ve always wanted to have. And whenever you see a good scenery, why not pause for a while and take some pictures? Not with your digital camera, but with your mind. Let the beauty of the moment be imprinted in your soul so you can always go back to it, even when your time is up. At the end of your journey, all that matters is whether you have lived your life well, that you have done everything your heart has ever desired to do.

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