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secrets of the rich

When we realize the lives of the people who rose from rags to riches, people who have become wealthy, we often realize that there is really no secret or magic formula that made them rich.  In fact, they keep on saying the same things, making us wonder how it could all be that simple.  And if it is, why do so many of us still fail to be where they are.

Hence, instead of presenting the things they often say, maybe it’s better to present the opposite things that hinder people from applying the secrets of the rich:

1.  Fear

Many people don’t even try for fear of failing.  They do not wish to walk unfamiliar grounds and content themselves with their lot instead.

2.  Lack of Knowledge

Many people do not possess the needed knowledge in order to succeed at what they’re doing.  Setting up a business?  Investing?  How do you go about it all?  To our surprise, those who made it big points out that the knowledge we need is already there, around us, ready for the picking.  We just have to seek it from the people and from the resources that possess such knowledge we can use to succeed.

3.  Lack of Persistence

Some people, they are able to gain the knowledge they need.  They are also able to overcome their fears.  But what hinders them from attaining their dreams is the lack of persistence and consistency in their actions.  Rich people do the opposite, they don’t stop until they get what they desire.

4.  Not Making Enough Mistakes

That’s right.  Our mistake is not making enough mistakes to learn and grow from them.  Unlike those who made it, we want to create a perfect plan before we even dare to move one tiny step.  Remember that sometimes, being too safe is really not being safe at all.  When you try not to risk anything, you are really risking the opportunities in discovering valuable lessons from experience and in being strengthened by getting up from your falls.

5.  Lack of Hope

It is not the lack of good purposes that hinder us from being rich.  Everybody has a good purpose, a noble goal with which to dedicate his efforts to.  But what really separates the winners from the quitters is this simple word.  HOPE.  People don’t give up because they lack a good motive to strive for.  People give up because they can’t see the possibility of making their aspirations happen.

Don’t lose hope 🙂  Everything is there, already placed by heaven in roads and small paths around you.  You just need to take the first step and to believe that you can reach your desires.  These are the true secrets of the rich.  They first had heavenly riches which nobody can ever take away.

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