Some Thoughts About Money and Discovering Your Passion


money and passionThere is a common question often asked to help a person discover his or her passion:

“If money were not a problem, what would you do?”

Asking myself that question has indeed helped me identify many of the things I wanted to do once I no longer had the excuse of not having enough money to get by.

However, I’ve also realized that there is another question we could ask ourselves with regards to money and discovering our passion:

“If money would continue to be a problem, what would you STILL do?”

Would you still love your family? Would you still write if writing really burns within your heart? Would you still help other people? Would you still sing and bring comfort to other hearts?

Sometimes, having a mindset of possessing lots of wealth gives us more choices that could confuse us on what our passion really is.   In the end, we may waste time in things that merely entertain us instead of doing things we’re truly passionate about.

Changing perspective and trying to imagine a situation where we would only have a limited amount of money to spend challenges our assumptions and really tests our desires.

What would you still do even when things get tough and even when money gets hard to earn?  What are you willing to fight for and persevere for?  Do you now have a clue as to what your passion truly is?

3 comments on “Some Thoughts About Money and Discovering Your Passion

  1. That’s a tough question. At the moment what I do looks sufficient. There are no exigent demands at the moment except preparation for receiving the sacraments.

    *To have a child care center ~ that needs funds. I’m still discerning but saving at the same time. I believe that if God wishes something He puts all the necessary elements to shape our needs and make them concrete.

    * I know that at this point you are discerning yourself. I pray for you a lot and think of you. God puts ‘those particular seeds’ in your heart because He knows you are capable of growing them.

    Lots of love Jocelyn :*

  2. This is a really thought-provoking post, Jocelyn. Especially the question “If money would continue to be a problem, what would you STILL do?” So true, we do take jobs that are able to pay the bills and bring food on the table, but it is not necessarily our passion. It still confuses me until now. I am hoping and praying,though, that one day, money won’t be that much of a problem and I can focus on doing that which I really enjoy doing.

    This post is something I will continue to think about.

    God bless ? 🙂

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