the god factor in making your dreams come trueThe God Factor In Making Your Dreams Come True

FOCUSED INTENSITY over TIME multiplied by GOD equals Unstoppable Momentum. – Dave Ramsey, WHAT MATTERS NOW

What is the God Factor?  It is putting God back into the picture of making our dreams come true.  It is also making clear God’s role in this area of our lives.

What is God’s Role in Reaching Our Dreams?

Is God a mere tool in accomplishing what we want?

Is God the source of our dreams?

Is God the one who provides for our needs so we can reach our dreams?

Is God obliging us to make this dream come true without regard for our freedom to choose?

Is God a guide towards discerning what we really want to happen in our lives?

Once we begin to see clearly what God’s role is in making our dreams come true, the more we could persevere in reaching them, the more we’d know how much is ours and how great is God’s part in our dreams.  How about you? What is God’s role in making your dreams come true?

Thus, our Mission was not a command given preemptorily by an unloving Creator to a reluctant slave without a vote, but was a task jointly designed by us both, in which as fast as the great Creator said, “I wish” our hearts responded, “Oh, yes”. – What Color Is Your Parachute