a hope that does not disappoint us“Then you will know that I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” – Isaiah 49:23

Hope is when we see something that is not yet truly there. It is taking hold of tomorrow’s victory even when what we have today is sorrow and difficulty.

There are many times in my life when I have hoped only to have that hope crushed, when I have dreamed, only to have that dream taken away. Times like that I’ve asked myself, where is hope then? Why hope when you will be disappointed anyway?

Later on I’ve realized that my hope has failed me because I have hoped in people and things that cannot really guarantee the fulfillment of my hope.

No person is perfect no matter how strong or how good he may be. And no matter how they may wish to satisfy us and keep their promises, a time will come when even their strength won’t be enough. That’s when our hope fails us. That’s when we realize how fragile that hope really is.

On the other hand, we can come to know that there is One who has never failed us yet. God, who gave up even His own life and comfort, has always been there for us, keeping His promises, even in times when we fail again and again to fulfill ours. When we hope in God, we know that our hope is not in vain.

“We can put our hope in the best of things and in the best of people and they shall fail one by one. Only God suffices. Only God.”

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