Finding The True Me


finding the true me“You will be called by a new name, a name given by the Lord himself.” – Isaiah 62:2, GNT

Who am I? Who do I really want to be? Who should I be?

Could such questions become our stumbling block in discovering our true vocation and identity?

There are times when I must admit that I’m afraid somewhat to not get the answers I want. There is a fear in me that the true self I might find wouldn’t be as good or as special as the false self I have always tried to build on my own.

I must understand however that it is only the true self which can give us fulfillment. It is this TRUE SELF that is best both for me and for those around me. The false self may be easy to build, but it would also easily crumble. It is touchy and defensive and survives in trying to cover up what is real deep within. While I may fool the world with an illusion of it, I would always have to live with who I really am.

It isn’t easy however to shift from creating an illusion of a false self to achieving one’s true identity and purpose. It would require that I die first to myself and that I surrender to God’s purposes for my life. Only in the Maker could the instrument ever find its real worth.

“See what I was in myself and by myself. I had destroyed myself, but He Who made me remade me.” -St. Augustine

5 comments on “Finding The True Me

  1. melissa says:

    I have read one of your comments in Irene’s blog and somehow I felt that this existential angst is a continuation of what you’ve expressed there.

    ‘Who am I? Who do I really want to be? Who should I be?’~ these are also questions I ask myself at this point in my life ~ ‘where am I? where am I headed?

    So I go on regular/unstructured retreats and seek the Lord… what does He ask of me at this time…

    You are right about the true and false self ~ I admit that I project who I am not…and I beg the Lord to help me shed off this skin so I could be who He wish me to be…

  2. It’s so easy to fool ourselves into thinking we are something other than what we are meant to be. I’ve realized that life is a constant journey of seeking what we are meant to be ….and we can only find ourselves in God.

  3. Dave M. Saha says:

    It’s really quite difficult, if not impossible, to find and define your “true self”. Actually, I think there’s no such thing. People change every second. They can’t help that, it’s the natural progression of things; that’s how it is and is meant to be. To me, a person’s “true self” is the self they feel most comfortable and safe with, the one they have fun living in. No point trying to find it, really. That’s like trying to catch water, and we all know that that’s not possible with your hands.

  4. Diana Pinto says:

    Pretending to be someone who we are not is difficult .We can find true happiness in discovering our real selves.Beautiful post Jocelyn 🙂

  5. Beautiful. 🙂 Living in that false self only brings chaos. I believe that when one lives in the true self, the self that is truly intended for us, everything falls into place. I feel like I am still struggling to find that true self, though. I am still on a quest to discovering my real purpose. I need to pray more and to trust Him more. <3

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