When God Speaks Through SilenceGod speaks to us in many ways.  He speaks to us through our various circumstances, through the people we meet, and through the Bible.  But it isn’t the words He speaks to us that causes our difficulty.  It is His silence that is often unbearable.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”  (Matthew 27:46, NIV)  Didn’t we cry out the same thing when we failed to hear God’s words just when it’s darkest in our lives?

We wanted to hear Him speak to us, to encourage us, to tell us something that would put a little light where we are, and yet sometimes, all we could hear is His silence.

What I’ve realized however is that God continues to speak to us EVEN IN HIS SILENCE.  It may not be easy to understand, but after the trial, we’d discover how valuable that silence is.  Without that silence, we may not be able to hear His most important lessons for us.

What are some of the things God could be saying in His silence?  Here are just some of the things He could be telling you today:

-It is not yet time.

-I want you to rest for now.

-I want you to trust me more.

-I am watching you now as you grow.

-I have a plan.

-Give me time to accomplish what you cannot do on your own.

“God also speaks by his silence.” – Pope Benedict XVI

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