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One of the most common questions asked about God is this- If God is good, why doesn’t He intervene in the affairs of man? This is especially so when there is suffering or an evil that should have been stopped by a good God.

What might happen indeed when God intervenes:
· God stops us from getting sick
· God stops us from dying when attacked by others
· God stops us from sinning
· God stops others from sinning against us

As we might note, if God intervenes, He must consistently do so also in order not to be deemed as imperfect or as evil. And when He does, the Laws of this world He has created shall all be broken by the very One who created it. Freedom and freewill shall no longer be, and He will infringe upon the dignity of the man He has so created in His very own image.

The source of suffering in this life comes from two things
1. Suffering of the physical body
2. Suffering of the spiritual self

To what suffering then must God intervene for us all that we may deem Him Good and Perfect?

· As to remedying sin (cause of suffering of spiritual self), Love cannot be forced
· As to remedying physical illness and death (cause of suffering of physical body), it would be a curse to give immortality to those who have not learned of love.

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