Why doesn’t God intervene in man’s affairs?

One of the most common questions asked about God is this- If God is good, why doesn’t He intervene in the affairs of man? This is especially so when there is suffering or an evil that should have been stopped by a good God.

What might happen indeed when God intervenes:
· God stops us from getting sick
· God stops us from dying when attacked by others
· God stops us from sinning
· God stops others from sinning against us

As we might note, if God intervenes, He must consistently do so also in order not to be deemed as imperfect or as evil. And when He does, the Laws of this world He has created shall all be broken by the very One who created it. Freedom and freewill shall no longer be, and He will infringe upon the dignity of the man He has so created in His very own image.

The source of suffering in this life comes from two things
1. Suffering of the physical body
2. Suffering of the spiritual self

To what suffering then must God intervene for us all that we may deem Him Good and Perfect?

· As to remedying sin (cause of suffering of spiritual self), Love cannot be forced
· As to remedying physical illness and death (cause of suffering of physical body), it would be a curse to give immortality to those who have not learned of love.


  1. Bring Love and Riches June 10, 2008 2:56 am Reply

    An interesting article, and I would add that God does not intervene ( or at least does not stop suffering, as you discuss above) because it is these very experiences that bring us closer to our perfect evolution of soul.

    Thanks for the post, as it was enlightening.


  2. Berdien April 22, 2010 8:23 pm Reply

    What I learned through Biblical Word that God doesn’t intervene cause He don’t have authority on earth. When He created Adam and Eve He said to them that He gives authority to rule earth and over all the animals. When sin came into the world, Satan took authority away from man. God had to establish rules and regulations through people e.g. Moses to help man to return to God again. That is why Jesus was send to earth. He lived, died and rose again for our sins. One of the last direct words spoken by Jesus that He is now giving back the authority to us (not everyone but to those who believe in the Son of God and repented of their sins). When I share a life/relationship with God, He has the authority in my life. When I pray for others, I open channels for Him to work in their lifes. God is amazing, wonderful and awesome!

  3. Berdien April 22, 2010 8:30 pm Reply

    PS: I forgot to add. God is still the owner of the earth. To explain the authority situation…God is the owner of the building / earth. Man is renting rooms in the building from Him. When man signed the lease contract he took authority of that section he is renting. Man is responsible for that space. Although God is still the owner, the contract states that He can not go into that ‘room’ that man rented unless He is invited. Even if He / the owner knows that there is a leaking pipe in the room where man is staying, still He can’t go into the premises until man invites Him in. Craig Hill from Family Foundations International explaines it in a phenomenal teaching; Impartation of Blessings.

  4. Gulam Mohd Qadri November 3, 2010 1:48 pm Reply

    God is all powerful all knowing every thing is in his control and power , he guide whom ever he wills , ones has to be open his heart to god let his light enter in it . Satan is only a temptation it only that we human follow him out of ignorance , satan has no power over any of use , Satan and tempeted many prophet even Jesus but those who are pious reject satan . Suffering of this world is temporary . God it of justice . World is not only the begining or the end it is the hereafter the eternaly true meaning of life the world and hereafter belong to the pious the obedient wolfd is only for test suffering althought real for us on earth is not real it is a dream of this world which would end but pious people have seat near to God and the ir eloved porphet

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