AS we pass on our way through the world, we find our paths now
smooth and flowery, and now rugged and difficult to travel. The sky,
bathed in golden sunshine to-day, is black with storms to-morrow!
This is the history of every one. And it is also the life-experience
of all, that when the way is rough and the sky dark, the poor heart
sinks and trembles, and the eye of faith cannot see the bright sun
smiling in the heavens beyond the veil of clouds. But, for all this
fear and doubt, the rugged path winds steadily upwards, and the
broad sky is glittering in light.

Let the toiling, the tempted, and the sorrowing ever keep this in
mind. Let them have faith in Him who feedeth the young lions, and
clothes the fields with verdure–who bindeth up the broken heart,
and giveth joy to the mourners. There are Words of Cheer in the air!
Listen! and their melody will bring peace to the spirit, and their
truths strength to the heart.

-WORDS OF CHEER for the Sorrowing

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