I hope that you will persevere

Until the very end,

Because it is only then

That you will find out

That the end is but the beginning

Of the realization

Of your dreams.”


Persevere in prayer. Persevere in your hope. Persevere in your faith. He who cannot persevere has not truly BELIEVED from the very beginning.

Countless endeavors were called FAILURES not because they were doomed to fail, but because there was not enough perseverance to discover the SUCCESS and the HAPPINESS that await on the other side of the road.

If only one man climbed a few more feet higher. If only another man dug a few more meters deeper. If only a businessman had enough capital to last a few more days. IF ONLY.

Let us not be victims of changing our minds too soon before we reap the success we have sown. Giving up too early only shows our lack of belief in what we are doing. It shows that we have not thought about our plans well. It shows how shallow our hope really is.

Do you know what you are actually building with your perseverance? You are building a very strong momentum that increases steadily and expands larger and larger until it becomes so huge no hindrance can ever stop it along the way! Without perseverance, all you may have is a stone. Nothing much can be moved by a stone. But when that stone becomes a big rock, a boulder, an entire hill, it can move anything as it rolls down the path you chose for it to tread.

Never underestimate the power of perseverance. Much of what people call as overnight success wasn’t really made overnight. The seed was sown a long time ago, although in secret. The growth seemed almost negligible at the start, but after years of preparation, the seed suddenly explodes and all that the world sees is the magnificence of that moment!

How long have you been trying? Are you losing faith already? Take heart! This may just be the moment you’ve long been waiting for.


(An Excerpt from one of the chapters in my series “The Good For Nothing Boy”)

“Good-for-nothing!” How many among us felt as though we were good-for-nothing and unwanted? How many among us ever felt without a purpose in life? Today, I will tell you one of the chapters of the story of a little boy who felt the same way. Together with his firefly friend, let us join him in his search for his purpose as he journeys over strange and distant lands and as he miraculously uncovers his worth, his mission, and his heart.

It was raining hard that day and the little boy found himself running desperately for shelter. With the firefly cupped in his hands, he tried to make his way farther up the mountains. There used to be lots of trees there, but now, the land is almost barren. The path was slippery, and the boy often tripped as he ran.

“Are you all right in there?” he asked the firefly cupped in his hands.

“Still alive, boy; still alive,” replied the firefly.

“Just a little while more. I think I see something ahead.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I could hardly breathe in here. Where have all the trees gone anyway?” the firefly asked.

“They say they were used to make houses and many other things,” the boy replied.

“Well there are no houses here, that’s for sure. I wish they made some, too, for fireflies like me.”

“I don’t think they do that, you know.”

“Well if they can’t do that, they might as well leave some trees here,” cried the firefly.

“Yeah, I guess that’s fair enough.”

Suddenly, a mighty lightning struck and almost hit them had the boy not docked just in time! Crawling, firefly still in his hands, he tried to reach what seemed like a cave in the middle of the barren land.

“Whew, that was close!” the firefly sighed with relief.

“Indeed, too close. I’m glad we found this cave. We can stay here until the storm is over.”

Tired with the day’s ordeal, they slept deeply through the night, not knowing where or what they have gotten themselves into.

“Little boy, wake up! The cave is moving!”

“Wh – what? You might be dreaming, get some more sleep – “

“But the cave is really moving. Wake up!” the firefly insisted as he hovered near the boy’s ear.

Just then, the boy was awakened by the sudden gush of wind that chilled him to the bones.

“Whoossh! Whhooossshh!”

“What’s that?!” He could not believe his eyes. For right there where he thought the cave had been, is the biggest eagle he’s ever seen!

“No, please don’t go,” a gentle voice suddenly spoke. “I have no intention of harming you or your friend.”

“How – how can we be sure?” asked the trembling firefly.

“Look here.” And they saw that the eagle was tied to the ground.

“I have not gone anywhere since I was tied here. All that I ever asked of strangers was to get me some food from the nearby forest. As you can see, I can’t provide for my own needs. If you would be willing, I shall be very thankful for you both.”

“I am willing,” said the boy.

“I – I – well I – if you say so!” said the firefly.

And so everyday, the little boy gathered food from the forest to offer to the giant eagle. Everyday, they ate together and became really good friends.

“Was it really long ago since you were tied here?” asked the boy.

“Yes, I was just a little eagle. Some hunter caught me, for some reason though, he did not return.”

“And have you…”

“Oh yes, I did try to break away, but I’ve found my efforts futile that one day I resigned to accept my fate.”

“But – but as you said, you were just a little eagle then. Now you’re so big I believe you can already break away. I would really like to help you, but I’m just too little to be able to cut these chains. I know you can do it yourself.”

“I don’t know, little boy. I have failed so many times. And even if I could break loose, I don’t even know if I could still fly. Wouldn’t it be more shameful to see a free eagle who couldn’t fly?”

“But wouldn’t you want to see your family again? Wouldn’t you want to meet new friends and see new things? I know there are lots of things on the other side of the mountain, not to mention the other side of the sea. For an eagle as big as you, I’m sure there are lots of things in store if you would only try. If only I were an eagle, I wouldn’t give up no matter how many times I fail.”

“You made it sound so easy that I’m tempted to do it,” the eagle said.

“Don’t just be tempted, giant eagle. Do it! I want to see you free and soaring high!”

“It – it may be possible…”

“Yes, it’s possible!”chorused the boy and the firefly.

“Could you help me then?”

“Of course we will! I can’t teach you how to fly, you must discover it yourself. But we will support you. We will.”

“Thanks, I hope I make it this time.”

“You will! I guess you should start by practicing to flap your wings everyday. And when your wings are strong enough, maybe we can begin the real test.”

After weeks of preparation, the moment has come for the eagle and his friends.

“I’m quite nervous,” the eagle said.

“Don’t be! We’re right behind you.”

And so with one final breath, the eagle flapped his wings and tried to break loose. “Whoooosshh!” Everything seemed to be going so well, the eagle was rising when all of a sudden, fear struck him, he lost his balance and fell!

“I knew I couldn’t do it. I knew I couldn’t.”

“Giant eagle, you must believe you can do it. There is no other way. Each failure brings us closer to the dreams we have. I have an idea! I will give you something to say to yourself while you’re practicing. All this time, we’ve been practicing your wings, but we forgot to practice your mind. If we are to accomplish anything, we must first be able to visualize it like it’s almost real, in our minds.”

And so the boy gave the eagle the secret words to be uttered to himself; words he must believe and trust until the time comes when both wings and mind become ready to try again.

That time came. The eagle flapped his wings once more. And this time, with such strength and conviction he never thought he had. He kept on reciting the words the boy taught him as he tried to break loose and fly.


Why should I be afraid to fly?

And why should I be afraid to try?

When I was born to meet the sky –

I was born to meet the sky and fly!

I may fall once,

I may fall twice,

I may fall so many times

But I will not fall always!

I will try again and again and fly!

Spread your wings now

Get ready!

Let go of your fears

As you leave the ground –

Be prepared now, steady

You’re getting better,

You’re flying stronger

You’re soaring higher up the sky!

Suddenly, the eagle was able to break loose and soar high up in the sky; so high that the boy knew the eagle can now fend for himself. It is now time for him to move on and seek his own sky.

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