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A Beacon of Light in the Darkness


Times are hard they say, the financial crisis is getting worse. People are anxious, everybody’s thinking for himself. Where do we go from here? Where do we find the light?


When all else is darkness, remember-


There is a place where darkness cannot prevail

there is a path where sunshine blesses still

where flowers grow in abundance

and the air is sweet.


Ten thousand may fall at your left

a hundred at your right,

yet you will not fall

if only you can believe.


Yea, there is a beacon of light

deep inside you

in that sacred space

which God Himself reserved

as His temple

as His sanctuary

and as your refuge amidst the storm


There is a beacon of light

that guides you still

even in the darkest night

even amidst the fiercest storm


Peace is yours

Joy is yours

if only in the moment

that you pray


Nothing touches you

that can harm your soul

or your heart

or your faith

or your song


The most sacred things are protected


in that beacon of light

that shines through

beyond all time and space.

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