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So many things can’t be explained

We all seek for answers, we all want to make a box and fit everything neatly inside. Yet despite all the advances in science, so many things still can’t be explained.

For instance, do you believe in love? In courage? In beauty? How should science explain all these?

Is love nothing more than the outward appearance of things? The fine arrangement of one’s molecules? And if it is not, if you tell me that love, as well as beauty consists not only of the external, how can you define it? How can you believe in that which you cannot explain?

Is courage the strength of one’s muscles or of one’s heart? And what is a heart if not more than an organ pumping blood into one’s fragile body? What makes a man courageous and what makes another man a coward? Is it courage to die for the sake of another? Why should a living organism defy nature’s law of self-preservation anyway? Why should one die for another creature which would only be tomorrow’s dust or another one’s fertilizer?

To what extent must we risk our lives? To what extent should we love? And what is love anyways?

Can you grasp it? Can you see it? Can you measure what it can do? Can you explain the reaction of the atoms of a person falling in love? Why must we love anyway? And why is there such a thing as love? Is it a power or a sickness? Is a person who loves still rational or merely crazy?

There are so many things we cannot explain, so many things our minds cannot grasp. Yet is this the most important thing?

To the person who has really known love, there are no more questions, only declarations of the salvation he has found.

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