100 Ways to Say I LOVE YOU:


1. Whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

2. Massaging her tired feet.

3. Painting her portrait.

4. Gently caressing her cheek.

5. Playing her a song.

6. Composing her a song.

7. Making her a poem.

8. Holding her hand.

9. Kissing her forehead.

10. Offering your hand when she gets off the car.

11. Saying, “You’re wonderful, do you know that?”

12. Saying, “I missed you, please stay by my side.”

13. Washing the dishes.

14. Cooking for dinner.

15. Taking care of the kids so she could go out with her friends.

16. Buying her a book she’ll love.


17. Taking her out to eat at her favorite place.

18. Massaging her hand.

19. Lending your shoulder when she feels sleepy.

20. Carrying her when she’s too tired to walk.

21. Saying, “You’ve made me into a different person.”

22. Saying, “Thanks for believing in me.”

23. Praising a meal she cooked.

24. Not making her worry.

25. Never making her wait.

26. Not complaining when she makes you wait sometimes.

27. Being honest.

28. Being responsible.

29. Treating her friends well.1105308_ice_cream_dessert

30. Treating her family as your very own.

31. Buying her non-fat ice cream.

32. Buying her movie tickets for the latest romantic film.

33. Listening to her woes without trying to be Mr. Know-It-All.

34. Not holding the tv remote all the time.

35. Taking care of her when she’s sick.

36. Saying, “You’re one of a kind.”

37. Accompanying her when she likes to go shopping.

38. Helping her clean the house.

39. Making a mix-cd of her favorite songs.

40. Giving her the dog she’s always wanted to have.

41. Stargazing with her at the backyard.

42. Travelling somewhere you’ve never been.

43. Saying, “You smell wonderful!”

44. Asking, “What did I do to deserve this happiness?”

45. Framing her favorite photo.

46. Making her laugh.

47. Brewing her favorite cup of coffee.

48. Just being there when she feels sad or moody.

49. Being dependable, being trustworthy.

50. Being her own bestfriend and more!

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