Is a Partner Cure for Loneliness?

Is a Partner the Cure for My Loneliness?

I have come to realize that God loves me so much, so much that however He may have wanted to, He did not give in to my desires.

I know now why He has deprived me of my desires for a partner in life then. It’s because of the fact that I have always believed this to be the cure to my loneliness.

But God knows better! He knew that the heart of the problem was not my lack of partner, but my “heart” itself. He wanted me to experience real joy – joy in Him, joy in all circumstances that I may be truly free! It is by His Spirit that I shall possess power, and by His Spirit, my joy shall be complete!

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  1. who says:

    i enjoyed your site its very intense! I exposed myself on here once only to be ridiculed, and pummeled for years! I don’t know the reason y u beat yourself up so much, u have accomplished alot physical pain, that u pulled through and much more u have a awesome love of GOD 🙂 U love him dearly and wouldn’t hurt him! I don’t believe u are evil so stop telling yourself that u ever hear u are what u think ? If u change the way u look at things the way u look at things change! Self improvement is a long road I am still working on it u aren’t alone it takes a step at a time. I suffer from physical pain its a long road a struggle everyday I do my best and dont beat my self up about it anymore, even some religions do, but thats not GOD talking because he gives us all kinds of healing, even coping with it is a healing.So um u wanna be friends? I am called who like um HOO r u 🙂 Hope to hear from ya soon seems I chatted with u before hmmm???

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