We cannot exempt ourselves from the world

while we are in the world,

and while we are in it

it is our lot to love broken men.

Yet how can we do it

when we are ourselves are broken,

 and need to be assured

that we are loved

that we are accepted

for being the broken people that we are.

We cannot love a person

with an all accepting, transcending and encompassing love

without being hurt somewhat,

without being disappointed,

without being failed

of our expectations.

We cannot love

without being broken,

yet we cannot continue in love

without being stronger

than our brokenness.

It is only in Jesus

where we can find healing and strength

so as to continue in this love,

so as to continue suffering again and again

yet rise again and again

in a love that is far above

any expectations,

in a love that does not retreat

from any hurt

or any frustration,

but in a love that dares to dare

in a love that dares to dream

in a love

that never ever fails!

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