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Loving Yourself By Having a Job That Loves You Back!


Do you love your job? Does your job love you back?

I’ve realized that it isn’t enough that we earn money from our jobs. I’ve also realized that having a job is like having a relationship with your boyfriend. When it doesn’t work out anymore, you have to cut it off!

There was a time when I was able to enjoy my job, or at least, the perks that came with it. I’ve enjoyed the fact that I was able to travel for free. I was able to go to beautiful exotic places and discover things I’ve never known before. I was also able to enjoy the company of my good friends who also happen to be my officemates.

As time went on however, things changed. Many people went away. I wasn’t able to travel anymore. And the job that seemed to be like a haven is now more like a prison trapping me from doing the things I’d really love to do.

I’ve realized that I didn’t love my job at all! It wasn’t the job I loved, it was everything else that came along with it. It’s the same with having a relationship with a person. There are many times when we think we are “in love” with the person, but the truth is we may just be in love with the idea. We may love the car he has or the free dinners he gives in fine dining restaurants, we may even love his parents or his friends, but stripped of everything else, do we really love the person?

It’s not that I didn’t do anything to save my relationship with my job. I did try my best to love it, to seek ways with which to connect with it and to align my soul with its purpose. But like a person who doesn’t really care, the job didn’t allow me to be truly connected with it. It ignored me, my talents, my passion, my efforts. Sure it provided me things, as with husbands who provide material things to their wives. But it is not these things that truly matter, you see.

I’ve realized that after doing one’s best, there is a time to surrender and to let go. Sure it hurts, but it will hurt the more the longer you pretend nothing’s wrong.

A very vital part of loving oneself is not to agree with anyone or anything that is treating you unfairly. You deserve to be treated well. You deserve to be loved, and you deserve to have a job that can love you back!

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