a beauty that never fades

I have seen so much beauty in this life,
I have felt overflowing love,
I have been happy,
I have been filled with so much joy!

But O, I have also seen so much hatred
and violence and apathy,
I’ve felt so much sorrow
that almost drained my eyes of tears.
I have seen how something so beautiful
could suddenly be corrupted, twisted,
decayed and left to waste.
I have seen how something so wonderful
could suddenly end,
and how something so precious
could suddenly be taken away from you,
tearing both your heart and soul.

What is this life worth then?
What does it all mean?

Why must darkness spoil the light?
Why must love be filled with pain?

Is there a way to restore everything
back to wholeness?
Is there some chance that good
might not end in evil things?

Only God holds the key.
From everlasting to everlasting,
the One who changes not,
whose Light has never grown dim,
and whose beauty never fades,
He alone can save
and keep what’s good and beautiful and true.

Left to ourselves we grow weak.
We turn love to hatred,
we hold something beautiful
and it soon withers away and dies.

With God however, all things are kept,
cleansed and made whole.

Sorrow turns to joy,
Suffering turns to strength.

We approach in ignorance,
and we leave with wisdom;
We approach in fear,
and we leave with courage.

We live forever in LOVE!

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