Begin Again

begin againThere’d be times when you’d mess up big
times you’d fail
times you’d trip so hard
you’d get knocked down bad
Times like that you’d want to quit

There’d be times when you’d say
“Enough is enough,
I’ve really had it now,
why bother trying?”
Yeah, there’d be times you’d get so tired
but still, BEGIN AGAIN.

There’d be times you’d think
you’ve just lost everything
times you’ve risked it all
and got back nothin’
Times like that you’d feel
everything you’ve worked so hard for
were in vain, but BEGIN AGAIN.

Begin again,
try again,
believe again,
love again.

There’d be a second wind,
there’d be another star,
there’d be another hand,
to help you rise again.

Don’t start quitting,
never stop dreaming.
A new tomorrow waits
for those who dare –

3 comments on “Begin Again

  1. Marthaorlando says:

    Begin again . . . how grateful I am for the chances God has given me to do just that – again and again and again.  Throw forgiveness and grace into the mix, and we can muster the courage to step out anew, no matter how hard we’ve been knocked down, and – begin again.
    Beautifully inspirational poem, Joyce!

  2. Joylene Ratu says:

    I love this poem, some how it lift me up when i fail or drop me for something.

    Thank you

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