Fear Not My Child (poem)


fear not my child poem

Fear not my child

Fear not.

Rid yourself of useless anxieties,

There is more that you can do at rest

than you can ever do fretting about.

Let everything that you do

be done out of love

pouring out of a peaceful heart.

It is not how many ideas

that run through your mind

that matters.

It is the way that you believe.

It is the way that you surrender

to everything that is good

which heaven is showering you

in every moment.

Fear not my child

Fear not.

There is no need for you to hurry

nor for your hands to tremble.

Time stops for love

and love alone.

And I want you to enter

the door that leads to forevermore.

3 comments on “Fear Not My Child (poem)

  1. Kathie says:

    Hello, I am a mom. My daughter died this past June. This poem has given me comfort, thru’ the tears I cry for my girl. I loved her so very much with all of my heart. I trust she is now with the Lord. I have put my trust in the Lord that He has enfolded my beautiful daughter, this child of God in His arms. My girl is now safe in the arms of Jesus. Amen.

  2. Dear Kathie, I believe with you that your daughter is indeed in the most loving arms of Jesus! And someday, we will see her again. Be blessed always!

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