invisible 2012

I have always been there for you,
watching over you, loving you.
All these years I have known you,
but you knew me not.

You should have known
how beautiful you were to me,
how delighted I was to see you,
to hear your story,
to watch your every step.

You should have known
you were special,
you should have known
how you were never truly alone.

I’ve tried to let you know.
I’ve tried to find the best words
to tell you.
But for some unknown reason
you’ve never truly heard
what I’ve been really trying to say.

You were always looking faraway.
you were always yearning
for someone else’s love.
O, if you only looked at me,
the one beside you
all these years.
If you only tried to let go
of the one who hurt you
and sought another heart
who will leave you not.

You could have found me.
You could have seen me.
But I had always been the invisible one.

With Love,

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