Salvation (poem)


God was there
from the very beginning
but I knew Him not
and I turned away

I looked at the world
and beheld its splendor
til that same splendor
snatched me
and I was thrown
amidst its cold brightness
and I yearned for the warmth of home

In despair I wept
and I cried out to my God:
Rescue me for I desire not these things
and I will have none of this beauty
if only to be back in your arms

And my God heard me
and ran to me
and snatched me away from the world
and took me even
within His heart

Therein only
did I find joy
and peace
and LOVE

2 comments on “Salvation (poem)

  1. stafford says:

    I am interested in developing with the scriptures and as such want to upgrade my knowledge through the word of God. but I find it difficult understanding the scriptures. I have been going to church over 20 years.

    • Joyce says:

      @Stafford – Maybe there are some free lectures on theology you can attend near your place. Or there could be small religious communities that help their members study the scriptures more thoroughly with God’s guidance and grace. Be blessed!

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