tired poem 2012There are times when I feel tired…
tired of hoping
tired of trying to make things happen
to make sense of things
to make sense of where I am
right now.

And when nothing works
I go back to where I was
to places I had been
and I try to bring back
the happy memories
times when I was
where I was supposed to be.

But sometimes memories are not enough
to feed one’s heart,
for soon I also get tired
of remembering
tired of looking back
tired of not being able
to bring back
the happy days before.

And in my tiredness
all I could do is rest –
one step at a time,
one breath,
one thought,
one heartbeat,
that is all that I could do,
and I guess that’s enough
for a while,
until I get my strength back,
my will,
my meaning,
my life.