what saying goodbye doesn't mean 2012
What Saying Goodbye Doesn’t Mean

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean
You don’t love him anymore,
Nor that you no longer will.
It doesn’t mean that you failed.
It doesn’t mean you’re unlovable.
It doesn’t mean somebody’s better,
And that someone else can take your place.

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean
He doesn’t love you anymore
Nor that he no longer will.
It doesn’t mean he wanted to hurt you.
It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved.
It doesn’t mean he isn’t grateful he met you,
And that you’ve touched each other’s souls.

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you need to forget,
It doesn’t mean you were never loved.
It doesn’t mean you’re weak,
It doesn’t mean you didn’t try hard enough.

Saying goodbye shall never be easy,
And it shall never be without pain,
or without questions hanging at the back of your mind.
But for all the hurts and uncertainties,
May it always lead you into a new hope and into a new life,
May it lead you to new beginnings after all the endings
That made you cry.
May your goodbyes bring you peace,
And may it bring you to healing,
May it bring you closer to that sacred place,
Where there are far more sunrises than sunsets,
And where there are far more tears of joy than of goodbyes.

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