A Broken Heart’s Prayer


a broken heart's prayer 2012A Broken Heart’s Prayer

Dear Lord, how could he have done this to me? How could he forget his promises? How could he throw away in a moment all the things we have built all these years? How could he break my heart? Was it my fault? Was it me Lord? Tell me where I have gone wrong. Show me my sins, flash them before me so I may know. For I do not understand how all these things can be happening right now. I do not understand how something so good can suddenly end up the way it is today. We were so happy, Lord. We were so in love we have not a care in the world. It was just him and me, the two of us, and it was enough, probably more than enough. He was your gift to me, and I to him. We complement each other, we share so many things in common, it is to him that I opened up my heart. It is he Lord whom I trusted with all my heart.

How then can he break it so? How can he betray our love? How can he suddenly say he doesn’t love me anymore? It seemed not so long ago when we would simply walk hand in hand along the beach, when we would share a slice of pizza and be satisfied just the same, when we would gaze at the evening sky and count the stars, content of what we had, certain that it would last forever like the millions of stars in the sky. I believed in forever. Now I don’t know anymore. I know nothing anymore. Can love be lost in an instant? Can true love really just fade away? I am so broken deep within me Lord I do not know if I can still piece together every shattered part of me.

My friends say that it will heal in time. They say I should busy myself with this and that, date with this guy and that guy. But I don’t know Lord. Are these the things that can make me believe in love once again? Are these the things that can relieve this pain I feel in my heart? I am not only hurting, Lord. I feel so angry that I couldn’t do anything to avenge myself for this kind of suffering I do not deserve. Do I not deserve true love Lord? Do I not deserve loyalty, sincerity and respect? He makes me feel so bad, Lord. He makes me feel so bad about myself. I built my whole world around him, and he took it all away. I built my self esteem upon his admiration, and he trampled upon it as though it were trash. How can he not feel guilty for what he has done? How can he suddenly be so happy now in the arms of another woman? How can I ever build my world again? How can I ever be happy once more?

Please help me Lord, I really don’t know what to do. Only your words can comfort me. Only your embrace can soothe my pain. I have given everything I could my Lord, and there is nothing more I can give. I kneel before you now, crushed and broken, empty and afraid to be alone. Hide me under your wings, hold me in your loving arms. Say unto me again how much you love me. Say unto me that you have called me yours and you will never ever let me go. Though men may fail, you remain faithful, steadfast and immovable as a rock. Though men may judge me for all the faults they see in me, you see my heart and reveal to me the beautiful soul you see in me. Help me to let go of my pain, teach me to forgive those who do not even ask my forgiveness. This burden is something I shouldn’t carry in my heart. This trouble is not something I should trade away my peace for. I know that I have been done wrong, the things that have happened had been so unfair. Sometimes life’s like that. Many things in this life really seem so unfair. But let me not continue being unfair to myself. Let me not punish myself anymore for the things others have done.

I offer unto you my wounded heart, my broken heart. I know it is you my Lord who will uphold me in the end. Let me not lose hope. Let me not cast away everything that’s good and beautiful in this life. I know that there is so much more in store for me. I know how much love I can still give away because it is you who fills me with everything that I’ll ever need. You are the one who loves me truly, eternally, unconditionally. You are the one who has always been there for me and always will be there for me. You are my one true love. You are my forever. You are my strength and my peace and my joy. Surely in your presence Lord, I do not need anything more.

81 comments on “A Broken Heart’s Prayer

  1. July42010 says:

    This prayer is just perfect. I pray for everyone on this sire that is hurting
    Like me. May we all realize how loved we are by God and how lovable we all are people are and soon will be by someone who truly deserve our heart soul and spirit. God made the new person who we are all soon to meet and this person will be close to God like we are . May God handpick the perfect mate for all of us and may we all eternally grateful to God for new love . Amen.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Lord I ask for your help to heal my broken heart . I’m reaching a point the pain and loneliness is becoming to much to bare and losing all hope my relationship will ever change. Lord I know I’m not perfect but you and I both know that my love is true and because of that I forgive and forgive over and over again but how long can one continue to forgive infidelity, lies, broken promises? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep because of the same pain. The not knowing what tomorrow will bring or be taken away from me. Lord I beg you to give me the strength I need to walk away from this relationship or give me the tools to fix what needs to be fixed in order to keep my family together . Lord only you know the emptiness and heartache one endures due to an absent parent. The last thing I want is for my daughter to experience the same kind of pain. Lord please help me begging you to help me and anyone else who needs to be healed from a broken heart .

  3. Jang says:

    Lord, I am in so much pain right now. I’ve been hurt again with the only man I have ever loved. The man whom every time I look at him, I only see my dreams, he is a dream, the only man I’ve ever wished for.
    Lord, please help me heal. Please teach me how to let go. How can an angel hurt me so bad? How can he not love me back?
    I just want to move on. I’m falling into depression after I thought I’ve healed from him. Why did he come back? He hurt me again, and i pray I will make it.

  4. MarryY says:

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  5. Norma says:

    Please remember me. I gave this man three years of my life. Helped him get back into his home, helped him get two cars and helped him get a lawer so he could his license back. Gave him a phone to call me. Helped him get his son a car. Put up with his lying, hiding things, hanging out with people from his past. Being around other women. Putting up with his ex wife’s abuse. Tuesday he is suppose to get his license back. He no longer needs me. Pray that I can overcome all this. That one day he will realize what he had. That he will feel the pain and sorrow he made me feel. He claims he still loves me, wish I could believe him. Hope that he will always remember me, that no matter who he gets with, that I will always be in his memory. That he will regret what he has done to me.

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