A Single Woman’s Prayer


a single woman's prayerDear Lord, I have just come from a family reunion, and they have asked me again whence I shall be finally settling down. Yes, Lord, each time they see me they would ask me the same old question, and I would say the same answer: “I don’t know”. Sometimes I don’t want to answer them anymore. Sometimes I just want to tell them to mind their own business. But I know that would not be pleasing to you. And that would only hurt the people who are only concerned that I finally find my happiness.

But really Lord, I do get tired of these questions. And I do get hurt sometimes when people judge me whenever they don’t hear the response they want. They tend to think I’m too picky, that my standards are too high, that I’m a difficult person to put up with, that I’m just too selfish to be able to commit myself to someone and be responsible for my own family. At other times there is even a look of pity in their eyes as though I’ve been overlooked a hundred times by eligible me over someone more attractive, more loving and more adorable. It’s as though my personality and worth had been measured by a single prejudicial criteria – that I’m still single.

Lord, I must admit I do have a desire to find that special person in my life. One whom I shall love; one who will love me in return; one with whom I can raise a happy family; one who will grow with me spiritually and journey with me in this beautiful life you have given us all. I wait for that person O God and I pray for him. I pray that he grow in wisdom and in love so he can be the head of our household when the right time comes. But before that opportune time, before that blessed time you have willed dear Lord, I pray that you lead me away from temptation that I may come upon your altar clean and ready as an offering for the man you have prepared for me. I pray for the patience to wait for that time, and I pray for the hope that never wavers in dark and lonely times.

I pray Lord, that I may grow into a beautiful woman right where I am today, bringing light and inspiration to those that come my way. May I be able to use the talents and gifts you have given me and may I be able to bring love and joy and peace wherever your hand will lead me at the time I possess right now. I am a single woman O Lord, yet I am not alone. I am still to build my own family, but that doesn’t make my life right now any less meaningful nor beautiful. You are the One who upholds me, and you are the One who gives me joy wherever I may be.

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  1. who says:

    ummm… it sounds like what used to happen to me, now no one asks anymore. I guess they got tired of asking or should I say they see I am happy alone ! I accept it, I embrace it, I am content with it! I found wholeness must come from within first. Then if jesus sends me another I have more of me to share. If not I am happy to be alone, after all I am great company, as I am sure u are too. I see u have great quailitys about u relish in them enjoy yourself. Ya see I found it harder 1st to do all this but this is where all the awareness comes in and change and healing for ones self. If u had another u would focus on them and not u And when u r alone u really aren’t alone ecase u have stillness and GOD an awesome time for reflection. Ihope this may help u in some way, society doesn’t seem to get it I think they are misguided by fairy tales. It never makes u less of a person to be alone BUT it makes u STRONGER and more couragious than the others embrace it, love for one self it the best gift GOD has given us. Even 1 day when do get a mate u still have to be seperate and whole to come together. So look at this as your time to get to know yaself and enjoy for u are GREAT!! Hugs to our singleness ((()))

  2. monica humphrey says:

    i I would like to read some of your prayers

  3. ouger says:

    plz do me a favour…….will u write a prayer on a women whose husband cheated her anf left his wife with little girl to support. but as the little she became rude to her mother coz she felt that her mother is the cause why she hasn’t a father.

    • @ouger – I will consider your suggestion, ouger! I do hope God gives me the wisdom to be able to pray such a prayer. For now, I hope women who hurt find comfort in God in ways that words often fail to express. I pray for you, and may God keep you under His Grace.

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