Prayer of a Lonely Husband


Lord, there’s been so much pressure in the office lately, sometimes I just want to run away from it all. The things that I do now, I do so only because I don’t know what else I should be doing. All these years I’ve been the one responsible, the one my family had counted upon to build and uphold our home. Yet things have changed somewhat since then. Changes I’ve always wanted to take place. Somehow however, after all the dreaming and after all the planning and striving, and after all the dreams that came true, I don’t really feel much better or much happier than I thought I would be. Something seems to be missing. Something that I might have lost unknowingly along the way.

What could it be lord? What have I lost when I seem to have gained so much? The kids have now grown up. They have so much energy, so many things to do I could hardly see them in the house lately. Boys, they’re young men now so full of life in their vens no toy or baked goodies can ever keep them home anymore. And Amy, she used to bother me all the time asking how much I really love her. She used to call me so often even in the middle of a meeting that I would push her to go look for something else to do. So much potential that woman has and so much love inher eyes I don’t know what she ever saw in me to adore me that way. Now she has finally adhered my advice. Just a month more and she’s about to finish her second course. She’s also found this civic group she’s spending most of her time with after school. I know she’s finally found her gifts. I miss her calls though. I miss the way she snuggles in my arms as we dream our big dreams for our little kids. We could hardly make both ends meet then, but we were cool, we were hopeful, we had each other’s hand to hold on to.

Now the only one who even cares to give me a note is my secretary, that sweet young lady who reminds me so much of Amy when she was her age. She’s getting to know me better.. she can even see the loneliness in my eyes. O how I need that kind of attention Lord! But I know that it is not from her that I should be seeking it. Lord, I know it would be foolish if I should ask you to turn back the hands of time. I’ve already been given my time and I have used it in ways I shouldn’t have spent it.

But Lord, I believe in your power and your mercy. I believe that you can still lead us over to the right pathhowever surely we have wandered along the way. Help me to walk that path once more. Show us the way to get there from where we are today. Let me catch up with the kids. Let me catch up with Amy. Somehow I was the one who pushed her to grow apart from me. I should have been there for her. I should have rejoiced in her victories. Help me Lord to make her feel how much I really love her, to let her know just how proud I am of her. Help us to spend the rest of our years together dreaming once again, new dreams that would rekindle our hopes and our trust upon each other. Help us share more little joys – more picnics,more afternoon walks, more cups of coffee in between heartfelt talks and laughter. Help me guide the kids in adating to their new lives and help us accpt the changes that have taken place as regards our relationship with them. Help us let them go. Help us find comfort in each other’s arms as we build our lives again, an old couple renewed with fresh hopes and bound by moments we will cherrish for a lifetime.

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  1. mahlon r. norton says:

    My wife, Edith norton, died on 28 Aug. 2009.We would have been
    marred 29 Years on 12 Sep.2009
    I have felt since that time like the bigest part of my life has left me, and I have no disires, and that god has left me to do the best I
    can, without his help.

    I was and still in a deep depersion, where I am on medican that helps
    me to retain a near-normal state of mind.

    I do not understand why I have to be hurt, it is like a wound that will not heal, and just keeps hurting as time goes on.

    I have looked for god, but I can not find him anymore.
    I used to belive in the one god, who helped people with there problems, but every time I look, all I see is sadnes, in myself and other people.

    I ask god to help me heal my broken heart and to take care of my
    wife, as she is with him now, and for always, untill I can join her, who I love more than words can say.

    I miss her so much, it hurts.

    Please god, help me, I need your help.

    • mahlon norton says:

      I am still here, and have started college in the hopes it will help me to feel better agout myself.
      I still miss and love my wife even after two years being without he.

      • Jonathan says:

        Hi there,

        I am not sure how much I can be of help to you, but I would also like to pray for you. I am too, suffering from a lost but on a different situation. I am too still missing my loved one and having to let the person go. I can relate to the sadness you are experiencing to some extend.

        Mr Mahlon, eventhough I dont know you, I will include you in my prayer tonight. Hopefully we can all be well on our way to a full healing and peace with God on our side. I am sure one day we will emerge out from our “valley”.

        In Him

  2. Paul says:

    I can really identify with the prayer of a lonely husband simply because I have lived through the experience also turning to the Lord for help.

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