to look using God's own eyes 2012

I pray I could learn
to look at people,
the way God sees each one of us –

to be able to forego the little mistakes,
maybe even the big ones

to be able to see weaknesses
turned into strength

to know something’s hurting
and yet know that the hurt
would be healed in time

to look beyond judgment

to see with an understanding heart

to see what’s beautiful

to appreciate what’s good

to not measure anybody’s destiny
with their present plight

but to see real hope for everyone
the way God sees us

To know that orphans
have their Father

To know that those imprisoned
have One who will set them free

To see how the poor
will one day bask in God’s abundance

To see the brokenhearted
in days when God Himself
will cradle them upon His lap

To be able to see with God’s own eyes
is to see with gladness,
with hope,
and with a love so strong
it could never ever fail!

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