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How to Make Your Boss Happy

“Wait a minute Joice, I thought in your previous article, you said its crazy trying to satisfy your boss!”

Yup. What I meant was not to depend your happiness or satisfaction to how you please your boss. But hey, let’s be a bit practical. Just because you can’t fully please everybody doesn’t mean you have to make war with them, with your boss. There are ways in which we can still achieve peace for the moment. Who knows? You might even get promoted, and you’ll have more money in your pocket.

51 Ways to Please Your Boss

  1. Arrive 3 minutes earlier than usual.

  2. Avoid being absent more than twice a month.

  3. Avoid being late 3 times in a row.

  4. Try to have a perfect attendance for one whole month! No lates. No undertime.

  5. Don’t get caught napping.

  6. Scribble something while on a meeting as though you’ve noted every word he said.

  7. Nod at least twice in a meeting.

  8. Greet him in the morning.

  9. Greet him before going home.

  10. Greet him on his birthday.

  11. Minimize grammatical errors in your report.

  12. For goodness’ sake, use a calculator and check your figures.

  13. Don’t get caught playing computer games.

  14. Come up with a brilliant idea once in a while.

  15. Let him take credit.

  16. Put words into his mouth when he’s already embarrassing himself talking about nonsense things.

  17. Thank him for his leadership.

  18. Treat him to lunch.

  19. Make him your son’s god parent.

  20. Defend him from nasty officemates.

  21. Make him a nice cup of coffee he’ll never forget.

  22. Teach him how to use the computer properly.

  23. Download a nice wallpaper for his desktop.

  24. Recover the file a virus almost corrupted.

  25. Organize your working papers.

  26. Make a mess of your table so you won’t appear idle and have nothing to do.

  27. Leave some minor errors in your report (minor only like typographical error that wouldn’t distort the substance of the report, but never an error in figures). Do this only so your boss wouldn’t feel so useless in having nothing to correct from your perfect work.

  28. Be sensitive to your boss’ mood and temper.

  29. No matter how silly some of his ways may appear to you, never lose your respect.

  30. Appreciate his strengths (everybody has one, you know).

  31. Have a healthy sense of humor.

  32. Be a bridge of understanding between your boss and your officemates.

  33. Don’t cite his errors directly or irrespectfully, especially infront of his superiors.

  34. Attend seminars and update him with timely and useful information.

  35. Help organize the system within your department to minimize bottlenecks and duplication of work performed.

  36. Share a hobby.

  37. Teach him how to back up his files.

  38. Be proactive. Furnish him with reference materials he can use.

  39. Keep him updated with the status of your work. Not so much however as to waste his precious time.

  40. Be resourceful. Avoid asking unnecessary questions.

  41. Mentor him. Let him be promoted so you wouldn’t suffer his face anymore.

  42. Inspire him to retire early.

  43. Inspire him to look for another job. Tell him he is already too good for the company.

  44. If he is not a good leader, let his discover his true calling. You will lose a boss but gain a friend.

  45. If he is a good follower, be his true leader and advise him on useful matters.

  46. Invite him over to dinner.

  47. Cook his favorite dish.

  48. Cook heavenly delicious food that would make him forget all your past blunders.

  49. Invite him to a prayer meeting. Let him rediscover the mission God entrusted him to do.

  50. Discover something that would boost his self-esteem.

  51. Last but not the least, pray for your boss. MIRACLES still happen everyday, you know! 🙂

If you have other bold, daring, noble or funny out-of-this-world suggestions, please do write them here in your comments and maybe we could revise this article and call it 101 Ways on How to Make Your Boss Happy.


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