How Do You Recognize True Love?

how do you recognize true love

You’d know that a love is true

when that love is able to overcome fear.

Perfect love casts away all fears.

And indeed, there is no fear in love.

True love does not run away.

True love does not lose faith.

True love does not retreat

with the slightest discomfort.

True love endures.

True love heals.

True love overcomes all darkness

and all hopelessness.

You will never doubt true love when you see it.

You will just know.

You will BELIEVE.

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2 comments on “How Do You Recognize True Love?

  1. Omotayo says:

    Hi joyce i hv a girl whom i luv so dearly dat i tried all my best 2 make her happy.but all i gain 4 this is dat she is in luv wt other men.pls what shld i do

    • Joyce says:

      Dear Omotayo,
      I admire you for doing all you can to win the girl that you love. You shouldn’t be sorry for that, because later on, you will have no regrets that you haven’t done all you could. Having done so, this girl must have been aware of the kind of love that is being offered to her. After seeing all that you have done and she still prefers the love of another man, then you could no longer fault yourself for anything.

      What’s good with doing our best is that after having done so, we can now give ourselves permission to move on. We’ve already done everything! It’s already up to the other person to decide whether she’d take what you’re giving her or not.

      In any case, you shouldn’t feel as though your efforts have amounted to nothing. You’ve loved! And that love has enriched your life. It has given you the capacity to really love the person that was meant for you.

      There is a time for everything. A time to give, and a time to receive. So let us not get weary in waiting. May your heart be open enough during the right time when someone in turn is willing to give you the love you truly deserve. Be blessed!

      Kind Regards,

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