Worship not a person for a good deed he has done for you.  Be grateful but don’t expect him to be perfect.

On the other hand, curse not a person for a wrong he has done to hurt you.  He may not be perfect, but he still carries the imprint of God’s goodness upon his soul.

Consider how you treat a friend and an enemy.

A person may not be a hundred percent against you, even a mortal enemy.  This person who hates you may really envy you, and hence, likes you or even admires you in some respects.  He may just be afraid to admit it and let you know.

On the other hand, a friend may not totally like you.  You may have common interests and goals, but you may also possess common weaknesses which you both despise.

Having the same dream could also be a joy.  But when one of you achieves that dream and the other doesn’t, there is a possibility that the one who failed may dislike the one who attained success because that one reminds him so much of his own failures.

Life is so much more than dividing people between being one’s friends and enemies, and we certainly don’t live in fairytales where the old ugly witch is always evil and the beautiful princess always has a heart of gold.

We can’t judge by mere physical appearances, nor could we tell a person’s character within the first few meetings we have with them.

Splitting the world between black and white only leaves us color-blind and lacking in true depth for there are other colors we need to see.

Life is a paradox at best.  Have discernment but judge not so easily, for you may only be judging yourself.


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