Is It Ever a Waste of Time to Love Someone?


is it ever a waste of time to love someone 2012There are reasons why God allows some things to happen in our lives, even those that seemed like very dark times for us.

For example, one reason why we find it so hard to forget a previous relationship is that we can’t accept the fact that it could all just end that way and all our efforts, all our time, all our tears and suffering had just gone to waste.

God wastes nothing however, especially our tears. We don’t know the end yet, especially within the broad perspective of eternity.

The other person may not appreciate everything you have done for him now, but it is certain that you have made an impact in his life. That impact will play a part in the grander scheme of things.

You’ll never know how he shall one day remember everything that has been done for him, how he was loved. At present, he may really feel such a deep craving to be loved but fears so much to be abandoned such that he consequently pushes away those who desire to love him.

But if you were able to show that person that you have been there for him at one point in his life, one day, God may let him see all the blessings sent his way, including the people who loved him even though his heart was still closed and unable to receive the love being offered him.

It’s never a waste to love.

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  1. GADEL January 9, 2012 1:19 am Reply

    You’re quite right Jocelyn,

    It really and truly heart for your time and efforts to seem wasted over someone you gave your all too who doesn’t even appreciate it one bit now. God works in mysterious ways. He always teaches us life changing lessons for our own good.

  2. Mlekcharoen May 5, 2012 10:35 am Reply

    Hi Joyce. I have written you before about my boyfriend. He left me 2 years ago and last November he came back asking for a second chance. I gave him a second chance because I love him so much. Like any other relationship, we had trials. One of which is our different beliefs and values. He is quite liberated and I am the conservative type. I got jealous because he was very affectionate toward his female friends. He never reassured me that I am his priority simce he spends more time with his friends. He would got mad at me if I asked for his fime. Last month we got into a huge fight over the same issue. Afterwhich he stopped communicsting with me. I tried all means to reachhim but he never answered all my texts and calls. He dropped me like a hot potato. He made me feel so unloved and useless. I am trying to cope but it is si hard. I don’t know how to begin. Please help me. Thanks.

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