It is not enough to love



It isn’t enough that a man should live

For a man must love;

It isn’t enough that a man should love

For a man should love fully

and be able to bear

both the pain

and the highest joys

of his love.

He must know how to treasure that love,

how to protect it

with all its might,

against the world

that often gets jealous

of those

who have found true love.

Protect it

from the innermost chambers

of your heart

and let not your soul depart

without it.

It is your key

to eternity.

4 comments on “It is not enough to love

  1. andie bites says:

    thanks for this…very inspiring and timely.

  2. Kenny H says:


    Only space and time has stood between us and the passion that we once shared. Remembering how the throes of our love would entwine us, like tightly wrapped roses on a vine

    To share the moment and the emotions with you with such intensity and pleasure would take my breath away, as if to fly higher than the sun and exhale at the brilliance of the stars before me. To feel you next to me for only a heartbeat would cause my hands to tremble with anticipation of embracing you. Yet to kiss you and fall to my knees overwhelmed by your tender lips, would only prove I am powerless to your charms.

    For I would lie down beside you just so I may understand what it means to be in heaven. Hearing the voice of an angel within the words you whisper, that commands my heart to obey, for I would surely surrender to your deepest, darkest desires, as your instrument of passion. Giving all without hesitation or reservation brings me closer to believing what love could be.

    Pulling your body closer to mine, I feel your heart begin to race, knowing at this point we can no longer turn back. I feel the warmth of your breath as your cheek presses against mine. Our chest heaving with every breath we take. The slightest movement of my hands causes your body to quiver with excitement. Your moans and sighs tell me that I am taking you to where you want our love to go.

    While holding your face within my hands I softly kiss you then glide my lips along the contours of your face, tenderly kissing each part. As a tear begins to roll down your face, I kiss it, holding my lips tightly against your cheek. The subtle sweetness of your tear is only enhanced by warmth of your skin. You exhale as your body goes limp within my arms, surrendering to the desires of your heart.

    Pushing the bounds of ecstasy as our passion overwhelms us, exploring every sensation of our bodies next to each other, as we move in unison to our love. Discovering the most intimate and sensitive parts of your body for my lips to kiss, bringing you ever closer to the pinnacle of pleasure. We surrender to the lust within our hearts as lovers for all eternity.

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