The Movie Thing


Are movie characters always perfect? Even heroes are not, and yet we love them just the same.  In fact, oftentimes, we love them more for their imperfections and quirkiness; near perfect ones are boring and seem so unreal.


In real life however, how often do we see ourselves being the stars in our own movies?  Do we realistically see ourselves when we see only our own faults and judge ourselves harshly if we fail to keep up with other people’s expectations?  Do we feel bad thinking we could never be the perfect person to match the ones we dream about?


Think again.  See yourself starring in your own movie.  You may not need to be perfect after all.  You only need to be human, and to believe you can be loved for who you  are.  You only need to be YOU!

One comment on “The Movie Thing

  1. B.M. Garrett says:

    Interesting article. I think the same goes true for video games, comics, books and tv shows. Often we place ourselves as the lead and imagine ourselves in the same situations. Although in reality, we are nothing like our heroes/villains. You can only be yourself. Also, Fist of Legend is one of my favorite martial arts movies of all time!

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