I believe in the elect, that God has predestined some for His Glory. None can snatch them away from the Father’s hand. Yet except by Divine Revelation, how can we be assured that we are amongst the chosen ones? How do we know if we have ‘truly believed?” For it is easy to say that we believe in Jesus, that by His death He has redeemed us. Do we not also say in our daily lives how we believe in certain things yet change our minds later on and realize we haven’t really believed in them? When we are lost and we are given a map, and we say we believe in that map to help us find the way, do we stop there? No, we prove that we really believe by following the directions the map gave. There may come a time though, when after following a map and one still seemed lost and exhausted, one may say that maybe that map wasn’t right after all, so he’d just throw it all away. Did he really believe in the first place? But wasn’t it that at that point of receiving the map, he thought with all his heart that he really believed in it?

May the Good Lord grant us the grace of final perseverance.  May we never despair but hold on to the living HOPE that we have. May our hearts not be filled with fear, but with trust and gratitude upon His Infinite Mercy.  And may we never boast on our presumptions, but with all humility, acknowledge the supreme wisdom and authority of God, who alone knows all things.

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