why seek the invisible god 2012WHY SEEK THE INVISIBLE GOD?


Seeking God

There are times when we’re just so lonely and hurting that we can’t help but wonder if there is indeed a God who sees us, a God to whom we can go to when we have no else, not even our own strength.

But we are disheartened by our miseries, and by all the tragedies we see in the world.  In our minds, we fail to see a good God who cares for His children.  We ask, “How can there be a God in all these?”


Is There a God?

If I say that there is no God, I’d say there is no God who is responsible for all the unfairness and brutalities in this life, but then I’d also say that there is NO HOPE for all the victims of these brutalities. So I’d say there is a God, and that there is HOPE, and all is not yet lost.

Some people say that there is so much darkness in this world, and that is why we shouldn’t believe in God anymore. But I say that it is because there is so much darkness that I dare declare there is a God who can all bring us into the LIGHT. 😉 Jesus suffered and died, but God did not stop there. Jesus came out from death and lived again, and that is God’s plan for everyone.

I will show love to those who were called “Unloved,” … -Hosea 2:23

The Unseen God

Have you ever wondered why God is invisible? Why can’t we just see Him or even hear Him? Wouldn’t it have been better to be able to hear exactly what He wants us to do in our lives? But then again, do we really want that to happen?

The truth is that God is not invisible! He is only invisible because we wanted Him that way. We don’t want God meddling in our affairs or even showing His approval or disapproval in what we do. We want independence and freedom. We want to be apart from God!

Yet is God really apart from us? Not at all. God is watching us ever more closely, though with a veil so as not to be seen by those who don’t want to see Him. But in moments when we can’t take it anymore, in those moments in our lives when we’ve done all we could and achieved everything we felt like achieving and still felt empty, God is still there, ready to listen and to take us back. All we need is to approach the unseen God so we can finally see clearly the meaning of our lives.

Why We Come To God

We come to God in our restlessness, in our defeat, because we sought the answers to our troubles and we haven’t found what we’ve been looking for.

God understands our sorrow and our emptiness, and He is willing to heal us and to fill our hearts to the full so we can be whole again.

Oftentimes however, He is not able to do that because we remain unwilling to receive His answers.

Even in times when we seem to seek God,  in our hearts, we are not really looking for Him.  What we are looking for is a kind of genie whose powers can give us the world – the job we wanted to have, the partner we wanted to marry, the repentance of the person who caused us pain.  We do not seek God in order to find God, but to fill our hearts with something else!

Imagine courting a girl not because you really love her but because you want to have her wealth or acquire a good position in society.  Would this arrangement really be able to give you true and lasting joy?  What is it that you really seek?

God is More Than Enough

We often wonder why God often takes too long a time before He could answer our prayers, and the answer is that it took us that long a time before we could surrender to Him all our concerns.

How long did it take you to pray, “God, help me, do as you please and may Your best plan be done in my life!”

His best plan, not our own plans from our limited powers and understanding.

We don’t come to God so we can gain the world. We come to God because when we have God,we won’t need anything more!

One who is truly HAPPY in GOD is far away from evil. Her heart is so full of JOY that there is no more room for resentment, or anger, or unforgiveness or pride. All that there is is LOVE and utmost gratitude for all that she has received. There is no temptation that can steal her glance away from her LOVER for nothing and nobody else could ever be more beautiful than HE!


What Has God Done For Me So Far?

For many of us, God seems to be that faraway deity who watches over our troubled affairs, and never really doing anything to help us.  For many of us, God is a god who does NOTHING at all that benefits us!

In truth, it is God who does EVERYTHING, everything that is GOOD.

It is God who made the world we’re living in, who made the day and the night, who planted every tree that yields its fruits and who gathered the clouds to fall as rain and cause the crops to grow.  It is God who gave us breath, who gave us freewill, who gave us the opportunity to love and be loved in return.

It is God who gave us enough time on earth to know Him and to turn from our harmful ways.  It is God who sustains the sun and the earth, for both the good and the bad, for both the ones who acknowledge Him and for those who don’t.

It is God who sees each heartbreak.  It is God who came down to live as a man like us, and to be broken as well, so He might heal us and lead us to the Light.  It is God who chose to suffer injustice, betrayal and contempt so we may know that there is always One who understands us in our sorrows.  It is God who rose from death to life, so He might lead us to an everlasting One, far from any sickness and imperfection we now suffer from.

It is God who made everything for us, and who gave us the power to choose between life and death, between good and evil.  God isn’t just a God who waits, but a God who pursues us always until we can find our way back home to Him.


The One Who Pursues Us

It is God who pursues us

who uplifts us

and protects us

and provides for everything we need

It is God who loved us first

who showers us with every good thing

we do not even know

All that is required of us

is the faith to believe

that He is there

that He is our Greatest Lover

the source of all that’s wonderful

there is in our lives

It is our part to be able to receive

such a love

to rejoice

because we have been called

because we have been found

because we learn

that despite the mundaneness of what we see

we are special

we are cherrised

we are in truth

God’s beloved ones.

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