Jesus made two significant points about the resurrection at Matthew 22:

1.At the resurrection, people will not marry but will be like the angels in heaven
2.People who died, like Abraham, have already been resurrected

Jesus also made it clear that the people who asked Him questions about the dead rising again really have no understanding about the Scriptures and about the power of God. Why? Because these people had various misconceptions about the resurrection –

They think the resurrection will be the physical body coming to life again.
They think that people who die lose consciousness and must await the resurrection of the physical body in order to regain consciousness.

Here is what I believe in:
1.When people die, their astral body departs from their physical body.
2.The astral body is still conscious and aware.
3.We don’t await a new physical body.

Just like Paul mentioned, the rise of the new body is likened unto a seed. It is the seed that is burried and planted, but the plant sprouting from the ground is different. The new plant is very much different from the original seed, just like the astral body from the previous physical one.

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