Are You Tired of Waiting?

are you tired of waiting 2012

Are You Tired of Waiting?

Have you ever felt those times when it seems you’re already so tired of waiting? What is it that you’re waiting for and that never seems to arrive?

There are many times when God desires to build the virtue of patience in our souls, when we are encouraged to keep on hoping, to increase on faith, and to never give up.

Yet there are also times when we wait longer than is necessary. It’s as though we have already made a habit of it, or worse, an excuse to never really reach our dreams.

It’s as if we give ourselves NO PERMISSION to enjoy the life we want until we have achieved something first, until we do this and we do that. What happens is that we end up putting off for tomorrow all the joys and happiness we could have enjoyed today.

What do you need so you can finally live life to the full today? Do you need to have a big bank account? Do you need to be able to set up a retirement fund first? Do you need to buy that new house or car? Do you need to get the approval of certain people? Or do you merely have to overcome your fears, be true to your heart, and be the kind of person you’ve always wanted to be?

It is true that there will always be dreams that remain to be pursued, goals that remain to be reached. But it is also true that there is a precious moment within TODAY that needs to be lived to the very full for it shall never pass our way again. What are the things you are capable of doing today? What kind of person are you capable of BEING right this moment where you are?

Let God take care of you where you are. Let Him love you AS YOU ARE. And let Him be the One to take good care of your TOMORROWS until they all arrive into a wonderful and blessed TODAY!

3 comments on “Are You Tired of Waiting?

  1. Derek says:

    I would say that we need to get beyond waiting, beyond hope. Just to be mindful and be like nature. A witness to an unfolding of our true nature. To become like a child who transforms through the various stages of life. In Zen the aim is to be here now, without ambition or plans, and that eliminates hope and stops the achieving mind. I live with the question, is there not absolute peace with striving? I feel this to be true and in meditation, just being without striving can manifest at times. But I need to take care not to strive for “non-striving!” as the future is really an illusion, yet not because it exists right here! This paradox is why I love Zen practice so much.

  2. Joyce, I couldn’t agree more! Bring it on and it couldn’t be soon enough! You express honestly what many feel, thank you for that.

    May It be so very soon!

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