There was no beginning to God, for He had always been, always is, and always will be. God exists as the Unmanifest (Father), the Manifesting (Spirit) and the fully Manifest (Son).

He was not bored when He intended us humans to manifest. He was just being God. He was, and still is manifesting. (In Biblical terms, God is separating the Light from the Darkness).

When we were still a part of the breath of God, we were part of God as that which is still Unmanifest. When we were born, we have started at the journey and process of God manifesting in us. But only we attain Jesus’ perfection shall our Godliness be fully manifest.

This answers the question on why bad things happen on earth. Where did evil come from? Did not God create only good things?

God is still in the process of creating, of separating the Light from the Darkness, of manifesting all that is good so that when all is accomplished, only good shall be manifest.

When you see darkness all around you, you should rejoice, for it is a sure sign that better things will come, that there is another life to come. Only by this approaching good will there be sense in the present suffering, only through this shall there be true balance and perfection.

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