enough is enough you decide

There comes a time when you feel so awful and everything just seems to be going wrong that you just DECIDE you won’t get affected by it all anymore.

You decide that you want to finally feel good and that even if it’s chaotic all around, there will be an end to all of it.

You decide to hold on to your hope, and to stay positive.

You decide to pray, and you decide to believe that someone hears your prayers.

When you decide such things, it is then that you discover the BLESSINGS and the POWER that has been with you all along!

How about you? When was the last time you felt like enough is enough?! When was the last time you decided to feel what you want to feel instead of feeling like a victim of circumstances or of other people’s whims?

When you finally exercise your powers, you decide that you do not have to play the victim anymore. It is not your boss who will decide for you, not the man who broke your heart, not the economy that stole away your job. You have the freedom and the capability. You decide!

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