Falling Apart and Rising Again


falling apart and rising again quotes“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” – Mockingjay, Book 3 of The Hunger Games

Falling Apart

Falling apart is never easy.  It’s like watching yourself break into a million shattered pieces, not knowing whether you could put the pieces back again and be the whole person that you were.  Falling apart is falling into brokenness.  It is also falling into aloneness, for in that dark place of brokenness, few people would ever want to reach out and take part in your darkness.

Picking Up the Pieces

All these is hard, and yet what’s really more difficult is picking up the pieces one by one and putting yourself back together.  Yes, it takes ten times as long, even a hundred times as long.  By picking up those pieces, you face all your hurts again.  By putting them back, you re-live all your sufferings, your shame, your anger.  You can’t put all the pieces back without learning from them and becoming stronger.  To stay as you were is to fail to hold them back together, and you would only fall apart again.

Awareness and Kindness

Many people do not realize this and so they are careless with their words or their actions.  They don’t know how others are merely holding on, trying hard not to fall apart.  Awareness is sometimes the key to kindness.  Had they been aware of the other person’s struggles, they could have been gentler and more careful of other people’s hearts.  Do something of the sort today.  Try to be kinder and more tolerant.  Forgive more.  Love more.  Other people may already be falling apart.

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)

MOCKINGJAY is the third book of THE HUNGER GAMES. It is the conclusion to the trilogy of a dystopian world where children of a rebellious region were made to undergo a deadly game as a yearly reminder of the costs of rebellion. It is meant to exact fear, although it guises itself under the banner of peace.

7 comments on “Falling Apart and Rising Again

  1. Putting yourself together again is a lifetime process at many levels. We are constantly being broken – or sometimes we feel we’ve been put together only to find a piece missing. Truly, it’s so much easier to break – and yet we can be so careless with the feelings of others. Very thought provoking post, Joyce.

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Corinne. It’s not easy to be constantly broken, but if we do become better persons along the way, then it’s worth it.

  3. Katrina Buenconsejo says:

    it’s really not easy falling apart but we still have the right to stand up and pick up those pieces.In falling, we learned something and hoping it would be a piece of lesson taking the journey of life. Hi Ms. Jocelyn Soriano.I really love your blog also your book “Mend my Broken heart” even if I only get to read the 3-page free preview in epubbud.com. I am undergoing under a stressful heartbreak yet having a peek at your book makes me smile. I love your book yet I cant buy it. Is there any way that I can have it for free?Thank you..your blog makes me cry.

    • Joyce says:

      Hi, Katrina! I just sent you a personal message in your e-mail, do check it out. Things may seem difficult right now, but don’t give up! God will pull you through. Blessings!

      • Katrina Buenconsejo says:

        I’m on cloud nine right now Ms. Joyce.Thank you very much! You are a gift from God. Thank you for touching lives through your words. God bless you always! 🙂

      • Joyce says:

        You’re welcome, Katrina! Keep in touch and go always with God. 😉

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