“There is hope for your future… I, the Lord, have spoken.” – Jeremiah 31, GNT

When something bad happens we often feel that things can never be the same again. How could they? How could things ever go on like they used to?

We know what things have changed. We feel the ache of the things we’ve lost. We could no longer go back.

But though this be so, let hope not be so far from us. For though the past could never be restored, we do have a future that awaits.

Yes, we couldn’t undo the wounds that have been inflicted upon us, but we can hope for their healing. We could no longer be the same, but we can be better, far stronger than before!

God can use all things for our good, even the darkness and the storm. He will bring out a far better future than the one we have dreamed of. He will not restore the past, but He will bring a victorious tomorrow, a day of gladness that shall never ever end!

As long as we hold on to God, the future is always bright and life is always beautiful. – Jocelyn Soriano

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