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have you ever seen crazy peopleThere are many things people don’t usually agree at, but I think there are certain givens:

  • Life has to have a meaning somewhat.
  • We don’t walk through life alone.
  • Life is meaningless without being seen and loved.

When we can’t figure out what our life means, we all go a little bit crazy inside.  When day after day, we walk that meaningless life alone, we start going mad.  We no longer have to wonder whether we’ve seen a crazy person.  By then, we already know what crazy means.

We see people walking around, but they merely pass us by.  Nobody’s looking.  Nobody gives a damn.  And if somebody does look, we are looked at with either pity or disgust. 

We are not meant to live like that.  We are meant to be seen, to be heard, to be touched.

We were supposed to have been born of love, to be raised in love, to be given to people who will love us and watch over us.  We were supposed to know what love is and what a life of meaning is.

But sad to say, not all parents know how to love their children.  Not all wives know how to love their husbands.  Not all husbands know how to care for their wives.  Not all children know how to love in return.

Somewhere along the way, there is a flaw, an undeniable flaw to everything that should have been good.

And that’s why we are lost, naked and empty deep inside.

It is a given.  This life is not as perfect as it should be.  And that is why we’re all a bit crazy inside.  And that is why those of us who believe in the life beyond this one are a bit less crazy after all.  For them, not all is lost and not all his hopeless.  For them, we can still find the love we’ve been crazily aching for.

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