It’s already eleven in the morning where I am, and yet I can’t help but feel that the day is only just beginning, after all, the year has only just begun. How do you start a day, especially if it’s the very first day of the year? Simple I guess, you start it the way you should start each and every day that is given you, you start it with HOPE.


You start not with a heart full of burden,

but with a heart that is empty and waiting to be filled;

you start not with eyes soaked in tears,

but with a vision clear and sure for the year;

you start not with doubts nor anxieties,

but with trust upon God and upon your God-given seeds;

you start not with demands,

but with a grateful heart for all that you have been given through the years;

you start not with anger,

but with a forgiving peaceful heart;

you start not with jealousy,

but with a spirit that rejoices with your friends;

you start not with defeat,

but with a victorious voice;

you start not with chaos,

but with a prayerful song;

you start not with evil,

but with good, and an enlightened heart;

you start with all that God has given you,

and with the hope of all that is to come,

knowing that whatever happens,

you are a child of God,



and destined for something

even more wonderful

than the stars!

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