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Insomnia, if not caused by drugs or physical disease, is caused by a problem on letting go.

We can’t let go of our problems. We can’t leave behind our anxieties.  We can’t quiet the noisy chattering of our minds.

Each day, we were meant to begin with a clean slate.  We were meant to have a fresh start, a brand new beginning.  But we can only do that when we are able to empty ourselves, surrender and let go.

Sleep was meant to do that for us.  It was meant to help us.  But now our troubles have risen so high we couldn’t even sleep.

But it’s okey.  You need not force yourself to.

You can try to rest however.  You could try praying.  You could try writing down your concerns on a sheet of paper so you could take them off of your mind for a while.


Listen to music.

Remember your core.

Letting go may not happen overnight, but each step of surrender is indeed a big leap towards healing and peace.

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